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    The Best
    Iranian Saffron
    All our products are made from the best Iranian saffron flowers
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    Creative Packing

    Our saffron is prepared
    completely pure

    We pack our saffron in a completely HYGIENIC way
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    Iranian Saffron
    Behyaran is a producer of genuine Iranian saffron with
    the highest grade and quality
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Welcome to HooDeh Saffron

The best producer of original Iranian saffron with the highest quality

Sargol Saffron

Top quality of Iranian saffron Strong in Stigmas, and higher power in coloring (above 250 USP), with no broken stigmas string.


Pushal Saffron

This grade of stigmas is joined is 2 or 3’s at the end of the portion of the style and the color strength is above 220 USP, and the Spanish name is Mancha.


Dasteh Saffron

This type of Iranian saffron contains the whole filament of saffron coloring with yellow and red parts of stigmas. It is contain 2 type.


To inspire traditional customersUse Saffron for Your health

Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh (BTH) Co. is a crop owner of different saffron types in the Middle East, and would like to supply high quality saffron to her markets in the Middle East, Far East, Europe, Africa and America that serve high supports of instant supply, high quality saffron and packages to them.

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Amazing Benefits

The precious Iranian Natural spice as called Red Gold is Saffron, which has many usage.

  • Food Industry

    Saffron is used in the food industry and in the preparation of beverages due to its natural color, aroma and taste.

  • Cooking

    Saffron has long been used as a popular spice in cooking due to its natural color, flavor and taste to foods.

  • Flavoring

    From ancient times, Iranian saffron has been used as a fragrant and special spice in cooking due to its wonderful aroma.

  • Medicinal Properties

    In addition, saffron can be used in the pharmaceutical industry to make medicine due to its different chemical substance.

  • Cosmetic

    The use of saffron in the manufacture of cosmetics has turned many companies into customers of this precious substance.

  • Perfumes

    Saffron is also used as a perfume composition in many famous perfumes. This spice is also used in some incense scents.

Why HooDeh Saffron?

It’s around 11 years we are doing saffron business starting from trading of different types of saffron and then making the policy of buying saffron crops from different agriculturists and farmers to handling the packaging the saffron in different packages based on the customers’ needs and requirements as per several usages of saffron in cooking, food industry, medical industry, cosmetics, cosmetics, flavoring as well as sole usages of saffron for curing different diseases. Now, Saffron department is active in Iran for marketing and sales of different packages of Saffron through the related networks over the brand, “HooDeh Saffron”.