Who We Are & What We Do


To inspire traditional customers who use Saffron for different purposes of cooking of different foodstuffs and for medicine and the ones who use this spice solely as a health item to help the world health increase.


Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh (BTH) Co. is a crop owner of different saffron types in the Middle East, and would like to supply high quality saffron to her markets in the Middle East, Far East, Europe, Africa and America that serve high supports of instant supply, high quality saffron and packages to them by the brand: “HooDeh Saffron”.

Our Philosophy:

Nowadays, this is very important to choose pure and high qualities different Saffron under the brand, “HooDeh Saffron” to enhance and improve the efficiency of its influences on human health. In Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh Co., we believe in utilizing resources efficiently and increasing the productivity of the manufacturing and packaging units under the brand, “HooDeh Saffron” As we continue to inspire the best ways of producing and packaging of highest quality of Saffron, we aim to contribute in meeting and mastering the challenges of our time through high performance capabilities; cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency coupled with long useful lifetime services, operational security and maximized customer benefits.


The company Behyaran Tejarat HooDeh abbreviated to BTH Co. was born on 2001 with the aims and objectives of starting trading in several fields of general cargo supply:

1) Oil derivatives: Base Oils, engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, industrial oils and so on.
2) Bitumen: Refinery bitumen and mineral bitumen.
3) Iron Ore: Hematite iron ores and magnetite iron ores.
4) Computers: Lap Top and computers parts.
5) Foodstuffs: Tea, wheat, Chocolate and Saffron.

It’s around 11 years we are doing saffron business starting from trading of different types of saffron and then making the policy of buying saffron crops from different agriculturists and farmers to handling the packaging the saffron in different packages based on the customers’ needs and requirements as per several usages of saffron in cooking, food industry, medical industry, cosmetics, cosmetics, flavoring as well as sole usages of saffron for curing different diseases. Now, Saffron department is active in Taipei, Taiwan and Slovenska Konjice, Slovenia for marketing and sales of different packages of Saffron through the related networks over the brand, “HooDeh Saffron”.